We come across a variety of supplements promoted by various brands and streams. Can I Rely on supplements for my ailments? Can I replace my prescribed medicines with supplements? The answer is a big no. Here is why. Supplements are not replacements for Medicines. Supplements are dietary products represented in the form of a pill to fulfil or reinforce the deficits of nutrients in the body. Medicines are given by physicians to cure. 

Medicines and supplements are two separate elements related to medication. To procure a medicine, you would require a prescription from your doctor. It has a schedule to follow. One can also claim medical bills from the insurance company. Where-in, supplements do not necessarily need a prescription to procure. They do have a schedule to follow but not a rigorous one. As they are an optional booster, they are usually not covered by any insurance company.

Supplements may not cure a disease. They either maintain or improve the present condition of the body. In case of a physical injury, one can’t rely on supplements alone as they are not painkillers. They may have to take medications. Primarily pain killers to get relief from pain. Supplements on the other side like Calcium or Vitamins can help recover faster. Flexoprin is a supplement that helps repair cartilage, balance enzyme levels, etc.

As a rule, all medicines need an FDA standard. FDA refers to Food and Drug Authority responsible for setting critical standards and certifications. Medicines are just not a pill, but a whole lot of other things. It can heal as well as harm. Hence FDA ensures all the Medicines are FDA approved before it is made available for public consumption. Supplements, however, do not require FDA approval. It is for public consumption. However, FDA does an inspection and survey to follow health-specific regulations too.

Supplements can be taken by anybody when they feel they need them. The body is magical. It gives away messages in the form of symptoms. Body weakness, lethargy, muscle cramps, etc are some of the common symptoms we encounter very often. It is also essential to seek consultation from a physician and rule out any serious health illness. Sometimes physicians may suggest supplements to fulfil deficits in your body. For cholesterol, you may take Lipidol which helps promote healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels as well promote overall health of cardiovascular system.

Supplements are also available in a pill, syrup, or even powder. A person under medication, pregnant, or nursing woman should consult their physician before consuming supplements. Click on the link ‘shop’ on our website to see the range of Supplements we offer.

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