Product Quality


B.E.E.® (Bio Enhanced Extraction)

Recognized for our commitment to efficacy and product purity, our revolutionary line of RapidCell phytomedicines have been developed with a ground-breaking process that cleanses raw materials of harmful contaminants as it increases the potency of the plant’s bioactive botanical ingredients.

The proprietary extraction process called B.E.E.®(Bio Enhanced Extraction), is a complete manufacturing technology consisting of purification, isolation/extraction and bio-enhancement of specific volatile oils and other important phytonutrients from botanicals.

With B.E.E.® it’s finally possible to provide extraordinary dosage strength in an extremely fast-acting form. Imagine the potency of several pounds of high quality herbs condensed into one RapidCell capsule that works in minutes! You receive all of the benefits, without any of the bulk or harmful contaminants.

The plant’s natural (but sometimes potent) defense toxins are eliminated, leaving only its beneficial compounds intact. This means greater safety and efficacy – with NO side effects. With RapidCell products, you get safe, stable and targeted fast-action! through the science of herbal medicine.

Flow Chart of the B.E.E

Fresh herbal raw material
(leaves, roots, whole plants, etc.)

Cleaning with help of fruit juice
(Removing environmental pollutants, pesticides, heavy metals)

Drying (at low pressure or vacuum)

Grinding to 300 – 600 mesh (ca 0,020 – 0,045 mm)

Physical separation of cellular components as ”active ingredients”(By continuous
ultrasound frequency and/or electrastatic treatments in several vacuum chambers.

Selected cellular components (active ingredients) are mixed
with excipients in the proportions as indicated in pharmacopoeias

Final herbal cellular component mixture (extract) contains 50%
of the original amount of cellular material

Quality Control

B.E.E® Bio-Enhanced Extraction (patent pending) is a revolutionary extraction technology, which is comprised of a 3 step process of extraction, isolation/purification and bio-enhancement using only those bioactive compounds of plants that have been determined to be the most beneficial for the body in each formula. This patent-pending is responsible for the proven fast acting, targeted effectiveness and safety of each product.