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We’re Committed to Healthcare and Healthy Living

RapidCellTherapy and New Generation formulas contain different active B.E.E.® ingredients, and other key nutrients to help promote better hormonal balance, significantly reduce (and prevent) the development of undesirable symptoms, and consequently grant patients the chance for enjoying a healthy life.

RapidCellTherapy and New Generation formulas work on the root of the problem in order to fix it, rather than simply masking the symptoms for a period of time.

Please check back with us often as we continue to expand our highly-innovative line of RapidCellTherapy and New Generation phytomedicines, targeting specific issues and body systems.

RapidCellTherapy and New Generation remain committed to healthcare and healthy living through the science of herbal medicine.


I have tried innumerable different remedies throughout the years, but none of them improved my condition until I tried Flexoprin. I have been 100% disabled since 1991, suffering with little or no mobility and constant joint pain.One day I decided to visit a Health Care shop for advice and they recommended I take Flexoprin. From that day on, my condition improved. I bought one package and took 2 capsules before bedtime for seven days in a row. After that, just one capsule a day. After only five days, I noticed a huge difference in my condition. My night’s sleep was improved, because the pain was not keeping me awake anymore. For the first time in many years, I was able to sleep through the whole night, and as a result, gained more energy to get through the day.

Jens Rikheim

I have had High Blood Pressure since I was in my twenties and I have never really had control over my condition until lately. I am now 49 years old and about two and a half years ago my doctor said my blood pressure was getting out of control (it was then running about 165 over 110). Then my brother gave me a product called Hypertril that he had received from Heba Hamida and told me to try it. After speaking to Dr. Heba on the phone one evening, I decided to go off my other medication slowly and added the Hypertril in its place, following Dr. Heba’s instructions. I started taking two pills daily and I could not believe the wonderful difference I got immediately! My blood pressure has been down to 108 over 68, and now stays right around there. I quit losing my hair, I have energy that I have not had for years, and I feel great!

Sharon Thompson