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We’re Committed to Healthcare and Healthy Living

RapidCellTherapy formulas contain different active B.E.E.® ingredients, and other key nutrients to help promote better hormonal balance, significantly reduce (and prevent) the development of undesirable symptoms, and consequently grant patients the chance for enjoying a healthy life.

RapidCellTherapy formulas work on the root of the problem in order to fix it, rather than simply masking the symptoms for a period of time.

Please check back with us often as we continue to expand our highly-innovative line of RapidCellTherapy phytomedicines, targeting specific issues and body systems.

RapidCellTherapy remain committed to healthcare and healthy living through the science of herbal medicine.


I have tried innumerable different remedies throughout the years, but none of them improved my condition until I tried Flexoprin. I have been 100% disabled since 1991, suffering with little or no mobility and constant joint pain.One day I decided to visit a Health Care shop for advice and they recommended I take Flexoprin. From that day on, my condition improved. I bought one package and took 2 capsules before bedtime for seven days in a row. After that, just one capsule a day. After only five days, I noticed a huge difference in my condition. My night’s sleep was improved, because the pain was not keeping me awake anymore. For the first time in many years, I was able to sleep through the whole night, and as a result, gained more energy to get through the day.

Jens Rikheim

I have had High Blood Pressure since I was in my twenties and I have never really had control over my condition until lately. I am now 49 years old and about two and a half years ago my doctor said my blood pressure was getting out of control (it was then running about 165 over 110). Then my brother gave me a product called Hypertril that he had received from Heba Hamida and told me to try it. After speaking to Dr. Heba on the phone one evening, I decided to go off my other medication slowly and added the Hypertril in its place, following Dr. Heba’s instructions. I started taking two pills daily and I could not believe the wonderful difference I got immediately! My blood pressure has been down to 108 over 68, and now stays right around there. I quit losing my hair, I have energy that I have not had for years, and I feel great!

Sharon Thompson