Flexoprin + Goutrol


  • Support normal activities on people who are suffering from arthritis pain and stiffness.
  • Provide a quicker ease and comfort when pain strikes.
  • Improve cartilage repair, promote the maximum mobility and flexibility of the damaged joints (when used for a long period of time).
  • Act as a COX2 inhibitor
  • Defend against autoimmune diseases and further minimize the chances of inflammation and pain.
  • Help regain a normal life style without worrying about any side effects caused prescription medication.
  • Be effective against rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, lupus and other auto-immune disorders
  • Reduce inflammation and act as an anti-inflammatory
  • Increase circulation and blood flow in the joints
  • Protect joints from oxidative damage
  • Act as an anti-spasmodic
  • Act as an anti-cancer agent
  • Destroy free radicals
  • Reduce uric acid levels in the blood.
  • Instantly reduce pain and inflammation in the joints.
  • Increase mobility of the affected body parts.
  • Assist the liver process and maintain a normal uric acid level.
  • Maintain a normal uric acid level both in gout patients and healthy people who do not know they have elevated uric acid levels.