Mental and physical well-being is one of the most precious assets an individual can possess. Is it in our hands? The answer is yes. We are responsible for nurturing both physical and mental health. But having said that, some conditions are beyond our control. However, by keeping faith in the process, hope in medicine, and a composed mindset, we are all capable of managing and combating any health challenges.

Fibromyalgia and its symptoms

Fibromyalgia is a condition that affects the nerves. The characteristic of this disorder is chronic pain and stiffness in the joints and muscles. The targeting pain points are the tender points behind the head, shoulders, neck, outer elbows, chest, hips, and knees. Lack of sleep and concentration, Memory loss which are also called fibro fog are some of the other symptoms related to fibromyalgia.

People with fibromyalgia tend to suffer from lingering pain, i.e., for a long period. Psychiatric condition, Stress is another cause for fibromyalgia. Women are more prone to get affected by this than men. Most likely, Fibromyalgia affects those individuals who are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, and depression.

Thanks to medical science, the symptoms can be reduced with drugs, alteration in the diet, lifestyle habits, etc. The condition can be controlled through regular physical therapy, aerobic exercises, Mediation, Yoga, and a stress-free lifestyle. As it is not treatable with one pill, patients needs to rely on alternative medication, strategic lifestyle practices, etc.

The reason for and Medication for fibromyalgia are still unknown. As well there is no specific test that could help diagnose this condition. Doctors conclude based on the symptoms and individual’s history of health.

Ketogenic and Fibromyalgia

Diet is a very vital health factor, that everybody should concentrate on. Ketogenic is one such composed diet program that aims to nourish food habits. Ketogenic is primarily a low-carb diet. It emphasizes the source of calory intake. Calories are derived from protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Ketogenic encourages calory intake from protein and fats and relatively lower calorie intake from carbs.

The professor of psychology and adjunct professor of neurology at the University of South Alabama, Mr. John Shelley – Tremblay has done predominant research on how intake of carbohydrates impacts fibromyalgia symptoms. However, the result is very vague. However, the ketogenic diet has proven its goodness in treating epilepsy and autism spectrum disorders. He also quotes that, European studies have evaluated that patient with fibromyalgia have improved their symptoms dramatically when they have adopted a ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic promotes overall health and in specific it does help treat certain disorders to great extent. However, not all disorders are treatable with diet alone. There are medicines available in the market to treat and reduce discomfort to a certain extent.  It is similar to that of the paleo diet, which stresses the consumption of whole foods, exclusion of sugar, grains, and processed foods.

Hence there is no strong evidence to prove the direct influence of the ketogenic diet on people who are suffering from fibromyalgia. It can only be anticipated with the evolving medical research in times to come.

However, it is always advisable to rely on advice from a registered dietitian nutritionist. As they are the right person who is trained and skilled to gauge what is your diet requirement, what is the best approach that suits your energy consumption etc.

Fibromya for Fibromyalgia

Various kinds of diseases are harming humans today. Some are detectable, some are not, some even after detecting – no proper medication, even with medication, a complete cure is not possible, etc. So these are the practical scenarios faced in the health domain today. Measuring one’s health output is the most difficult aspect. How healthy is a person, nobody knows, not even the person we are referring to? But thanks to emerging medical sciences, that have proven their capability in discovering various solutions for health ailments. Fibromya is one such medicine from RapidCellTherapy that helps patients with fibromyalgia.  This supplement has extracts of chamomile flowers, pineapple, and orange juice powder. The Bio enhanced extraction process is carried out through the company’s proprietary and patented base.

It helps balance the key hormones, is DHEA, Cortisol, and melatonin. It promotes healthy blood circulation. Acts as a swelling soother from pain and discomfort. It Relaxes muscles, helps combat exhaustion. Serves required vitamin supplements to treat fibromyalgia. As it helps soothe pain, which in turn promotes relaxation and sleep.  Besides it also targets the causes of fibromyalgia. This curtails further worsening of the condition.

Fibromya is made available in the form of capsules, and each capsule weighs around 318 mg. Each container of this supplement consists of 45 Capsules. An individual who is planning to start with this supplement can take 1 – 2 tablets as per the need. However, the best suggested time is 10 am each morning. It can be consumed just like a chewing candy.

Fibromya and its ingredients:

Fibromya consists of the below-mentioned ingredients. Daisy Flower (Bellis perennis) B.E.E, Grape Leaves (Vitis vinifera) B.E.E., Olive Pit (Olea europaea) B.E.E, Pineapple Fruit and Stem (Bromelia ananas) B.E.E, Orange Juice Powder (Citrus aurantium), Almond Powder (Prunus amygdalus).

A pregnant or nursing woman needs to consult their physician before opting for Fibromya. The capsules should be stored at room temperature between 15 – 30 degrees Celsius or 59 – 89-degree Fahrenheit.

So, without a further do try Fibromya supplements from RapidCellTherapy to combat the sufferings from Fibromyalgia. Wishing you the best in your health.