Health is wealth. We often think that we are fit and fine until some underlying issue starts to make its presence felt. Lungs are the most vital organ in the human body that helps all other organs to function well. It provides oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide from the body. Keeping it healthy is the most critical aspect. Even the slightest ailment related to it, if not taken care of, can impact the quality of life.

Lungs are the most vulnerable organ which easily gets affected by various factors that primarily include habits, genetics, the environment we live, and so on. Living a healthy life is all we dream of.  But are we contributing in any way to take care of it? Are we nurturing our body system the way we should?

We breathe through lungs !! This statement is fair enough for us to realize the importance of this organ and try to put in efforts to take care of it at its best. All of us have an inbuilt natural defense system to fight against illness. Additionally, there are some essential tips that you might want to consider. They are:

  • No smoking
  • Stay away from unhealthy habits
  • Breath good air, Keep your surroundings clean.
  • Exercise, emphasize breathing exercise.
  • Live a stress-free life.
  • Wear a mask while you are in motion.
  • Avoid pollution and don’t contribute to it in any way.
  • Routine health check-up
  • Increased intake of antioxidants and so on.

How can supplements support the health of your lungs and respiratory system?

Supplements are essential backups that fulfill our body’s nutrient requirements. They are neither medicines nor replacements of foods.  If taken, they act as an additional support system in boosting our overall health. The health of lungs, in fact, your whole health majorly relies on the kind of food we intake. Healthy lungs need vitamin C, vitamin D, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Omega 3, Multimineral, Curcumin, and so on. Respirol is one such supplement that boosts the health requirement of the lungs and respiratory system. Some of its benefits are

  • Enhances our resistance system that aids in faster recovery from the common cold and other common illnesses.
  • It helps improve the overall immunity system. With it, comes the resistance to fight against commonly infective viruses like cold, flu, etc.
  • Promotes production and activity of white blood cells
  • Regulates the impact of Asthma in children and adults.
  • Controls the severity of the symptoms caused by bronchitis
  • Serves as an alternative medicinal therapy
  • Promotes smooth functioning of respiratory tract system.

The health of the lungs is gauged by their capacity to hold the air. The younger, the healthier it is. As we grow old, the lungs tend to become weak. Besides age factors, there exists other causes that hamper the lung’s quality and function. COPD is one such disease that primarily impacts lung capacity. COPD refers to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath are the two critical symptoms of this disease. It is even more important to be concerned about COPD is because it is a progressive lung disease. It has four stages of progress. 1st one is mild, and 4th stage is severe. The sufferers of COPD are mostly above 40 years of age and are smokers.  Even passive smokers and regular exposure to a chemical, polluted environment can increase the risk of COPD. COPD and its stage is known through various kinds of screenings and tests. Spirometry, Chest X-ray, CT scan, Arterial blood gas tests are some of the screenings that are essential to ascertain this condition. Also, it is not always necessary that a person’s shortness of breathless is due to COPD. It could also be due to Asthma, and other related illnesses.

With the advancement in medical science, there are medications and other ways to control the effects of COPD. Exercise, a healthy lifestyle, Oxygen therapy, surgery are some solutions to prevent the worsening of the disease. Understanding all this is an eye-opener for us to take care of not only to lungs but our overall body organs.

We tend to look for solutions to combat our health suffering. May it be COPD or any illness for that matter.  Some rely on Dietary supplements, conventional western medicine, herbal medicines, etc. We are unique, so are our responses to medication. After thorough medicinal research, for COPD, a researcher at the national college of natural medicine in Portland, Ore says N-acetylcysteine (NAC), ginseng, and vitamin D are more results-oriented.

Vitamin D

The body should have ideal vitamin D to boost immunity and the respiratory system. It is one of the essential requirements our body needs. Frequent catching cold and other respiratory tract infections could be one of the indications that your body lacks vitamin D. One type of supplement can not fit in all baskets of our health aspects. Every other supplement available in the market has its unique composition to support the specific immune system. Vitamin D,  Probiotics, zinc, vitamin C, Ginseng, Garlic are some of the proven supplements to promote health benefits.

Also, it is critical to take a consultation from your doctor before trying on any medication on your own.  If medicine can cure something, it has the power to harm as well.

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